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With the assistance of local NGO, CREHPA, they administered a survey to four hundred adolescent ladies aged from each rural and urban areas. They then conducted additional focus groups with both adolescents and girls aged years, to be able to gain a more nuanced understanding of the problems.

Empowering marginalisedwomen in Nepal througheducation and employment

Recent studies reveal that one out of each thirty-two pregnant women die because of pregnancy and baby-delivery associated problems. four According to the Gender Development Index (GDI), 5 socioeconomic condi-tions for Nepalese women are worse than for different South Asian women. 6 Moreover, women remain far behind men in Nepal according to the Gender Empowerment Measure (GEM). 7 Indeed, women’s participation in politics is just one-fifth that of men, and the identical sample prevails in professional occu-pations and administrative jobs.