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Simply what does a vehicle and body technician?

Develop and restoration vehicles and bodies!

Merit as body and vehicle auto technician.

Just what is your day-to-day existence than vehicle and body technician?

If a customer with his damaged car in your garage, your application is in demand! As vehicle and body auto mechanic you examine the destruction and reparierst them. You can even with a vehicle manufacturer to work, however: where you build body and create whole automobiles.

You’ve for ages been fascinated by automobiles? That suits you packst with and offers anyone to do, you filthy not a problem? You will have enjoyable at the art perform and know yourself somewhat about personal computers? The education for vehicle and body technicians could then be produced for you!

Your instructing continues a few plus a half many years. Once the secondly year or so you choose for a expertise: Would you produce restore harmed cars and trucks or like new?

You may have finished your schooling, you go up mostly a grading from 1,700 to 2,000 euros. You want to gain additional and finally take up a much higher posture? Then you certainly really should educate yourself. Get just like the headline or’ll professionals – after that you could accept essential command positions! Otherwise, additionally you can review mechanical design, mechatronics or motor vehicle technologies.

The subsequent areas are offered: human body routine maintenance engineering; Human body art; Fahrzeugbautechnik;

Very important information on training for body and vehicle mechanic.

Length of coaching: 3. Five years Earnings: 1st season: 390 Euro, 2nd season: 433 Euro, third season: 501 Euro, fourth season: 586 EUR, Suggested education: Key learning places: on farms automobile development, vehicle restore, vehicle routine maintenance in special training courses, during the factories and workshops performing many hours: standard perform opportunities: training for experts to master the process associate within your body studies in mechanical design, mechatronics or motor vehicle technological innovation self-reliance Accessories: different centers operate in the workshop and on the computer handling different materials.

You can turn into vehicle and body technician when you do.

Tinker like on motor vehicles, have fun with physics and technology, have about pcs, like betatigst you personally.

If you, the training for body and vehicle mechanics is not an option.

Do not have spatial feel, will not need to make you at the office filthy, no practical knowing have, will not be useful projects.

Just what are you undertaking in training?

1st calendar year of training for body and vehicle mechanics:

Within the first year of your respective teaching as body and vehicle technicians you understand the principles. In the vocational university you will be coached how to vehicles and systems uberprufst appropriate. Then you certainly need to utilize them as instructed. You be able to change simple assemblies. In addition, become familiar with how you will discover problems and behebst.

2nd 12 months for vehicle and body aspects:

During the subsequent year, your essential teaching is increased. You be able to make auto parts away from aluminum. Also, you may already packaged non-metallic components during the professional university. During the teaching firm you’re going to maintenance components and assemblies. Afterward, you discover how to make each of the parts of the body and put motor essay vehicles mended. In addition, you may put in electrical and electrical methods. At the conclusion of the 2nd year or so right after component each of your final exam.

Third year of training for body and vehicle aspects:

Before the start of the third year of training, you have to choose a field of study. In system upkeep technological innovation you discover as you may find out destruction of the car and behebst. You can then assess the damage and assess. In the area of body and vehicle modern technology, however, you FINISH of themes and designs. In addition, you add forth chassis and body systems.

Fourth calendar year for body and vehicle technicians:

From the last and shortest year or so you deepen your knowledge in the individual industry of study. Down the middle of the year you add the 2nd aspect from the finalized exam. So, you have completed your education!

Training for vehicle and body aspects in your neighborhood?

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